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"Scarlett was amazing, its incredible to think that one person can transform your home into a spa, there was an air of serenity for both my baby and I. It was the first day since I could remember, that I felt relaxed and was able to indulge in some much needed me time, without having to worry about anything. She instantly connected with my baby and gave me helpful guidance throughout the day which made me feel more confident as a new time mother."
Delaine Surani Pandit

"Scarlett was confident, very experienced and has lots of knowledge in natural/alternative remedies, which I found very helpful. She was also very respectful of mine and my partner’s wishes and relationship.

During my labour, which was intense with no breaks, Scarlett didn’t leave my side and was intuitive as to what I needed to help with positions and pain. She also helped with the baby’s latch, took wonderful photos and made a placenta smoothie for me. She queried the midwives decision to admit me to hospital, after a normal water birth at home, which made me feel someone was standing up for me."



"We would like to thank Scarlett for all her support and for making the whole experience very special. She allowed me and my husband to focus on the moment and to embrace the beauty of labour and bringing baby to the world. We loved her positive, holistic approach and soothing voice. Aromatherapy, sound therapy, massage and huge focus on mental support were my favourite. With her extensive knowledge and experience we felt safe and well looked after. We highly recommend Scarlett to anyone looking to go through easier and less stressful labour and first few days of being a new parent."

Maria K.


"Scarlett was highly supportive and a wealth of experience.  She has a good listening ear, was calming and reassuring and gave good directions. I liked her midwifery background with her spiritual outlook on life. She was a ‘mother’ figure for me. A one-size approach doesn’t work and Scarlett offered different ways to look at things.  She was good at encouraging me to listen to my instincts. She was very empowering and gave lots of options. She fulfilled anything that she was asked to do. "            

Layla – 2018

"I was very glad to have Scarlett during the first few weeks, as I was a first time mum. She gave a lot of guidance, was a great counselor and gave me practical and emotional support. When I had to make difficult decisions, she was very insightful in matters of birth and babies.  Scarlett was a great listener. When I felt stressed and emotional she provided a lot of comfort and encouragement. She was also very patient.  I had a great rapport with her. I was able to be very open and also liked listening to her. I would recommend her to other mothers."


"Scarlett was a great help – she had lots of tips and suggestions but i never felt like she was telling me what to do. She was so understanding in helping me to breastfeed and very sympathetic when hearing about our negative experiences we had in hospital. She was so nice with our baby – a bit like another grandma – albeit a much more experienced one – and one I could hear suggestions from, which I can’t with my own mother!
She is also a very interesting person to chat to – so we did that too!"


"Scarlett has a wonderful skill to calm you down as a first time mum, make you more confident and provide you good suggestions. She was available on the phone and eager to address baby-related concerns which is of great support. Scarlett is great in every respect – she is very caring, attentive and supportive. She is very experienced, definitely knows her job and has a great personality."


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