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  "Scarlett was there for me when no one else was. She made me feel important and I would not have been as well supported, not even by my own family.

  Her past experience as a midwife helped me a lot by providing me the best advice for my baby as well as for my health.  As a new Mum I faced a lot of uncertainties as regards to the baby, I thought I cannot do the best for my son. Scarlett helped me change that opinion. She convinced me I can do it, I can be a very good mother. My relationship with her is deeply positive as she was the best support throughout my hardest time. This is something unforgettable.

She helped me a lot in the hospital, she acted on my behalf with the nurses and doctors there by asking them questions in order for me to get the best support available.  She was a great support with breastfeeding and how to look after myself and my baby when we arrived home."

E.G.  March 2020




  "As a couple who had never been through the birth process before, my main priority was to ensure that we had done everything we could to make the birth a positive experience for my partner and for her to feel that I had been a real support to her. Interestingly, one hypnobirthing practitioner that we met, said that she didn’t suggest engaging a doula for her own births, as she was worried that her husband might feel sidelined...NOT SO, quite the opposite!

  Scarlett’s presence both in preparation for and during the birth, gave me the added confidence to step up and play the active part in the birth that I had always hoped I would. 

Scarlett is enormously experienced having previously been a midwife in New Zealand, something that we felt set her apart from other doulas, and Scarlett also has knowledge and experience in other areas such as counselling, womens’ mental health and aromatherapy, that we felt added depth to what she could bring to our journey as a first time birthing couple. 

  If we had not had a doula, our birthing team would have been my wife, me and the midwife, and as a first time birthing partner, despite having done as much homework around birthing as I could, I still would have felt unsure of myself as to how best to support my wife. When Scarlett arrived at the hospital, she immediately brought her loving personality and maternal / professional confidence into the room, and I felt straight away that no matter which direction our birthing experience took, we would be supported and cared for. I felt that we had a true ally in the room.

  Part of working with a doula is having some preparatory meetings prior to the birth and this made all the difference. It gave both me and my wife a great deal of security and confidence to feel known at this deeply personal time. The midwife that we had was fantastic but the dimension of having someone in the room with you, who knows you and whose role is to look out for what you want is an amazing boon. Knowing one another in advance of the birth enabled us to work together as a team that had trust at its centre. Scarlett not only supported my wife magnificently during the birth but also guided me as to how best to encourage and love my wife during this dramatic, amazing and precious time. With all our hearts...thank you Scarlett."

P & 0 - 2019

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