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postnatal package

My position is of a primary support role to which I bring my considerable knowledge, experience and skills as appropriate and wanted.

I have packages of 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 visits.

Multiple visits include 1 antenatal session.

Fees given on request.

Discounts can be arranged.


* Postpartum massage

* Placenta remedies and encapsulation

* Closing the Bones ceremony with 2    practitioners

* 3 step rewind

* Human Design charts

·      Debriefing the birth.

·      Processing trauma

·      Listening.

·      Family bonding support.

·      Creating a calm atmosphere.

·      Feeding support.

·      Sleeping support for Mum and baby.

·      Help in finding your way to a routine.

·      Well / unwell baby recognition.

·      Baby language – reading the signs the baby is giving you.

·      Confidence building

·      Taking care of and acknowledgement of mental health issues.

·      ‘Signposts’ to information as needed and wanted.

·      Light housework as needed, making soup or snacks.

·      Minding the baby in order for Mum to get


some rest.

·      Ideas on alternative therapies if required.

·      Celebrations on welcoming the baby into the family.

·      Fulfilling needs that arise as agreed.

·      A lot of common sense.....

·      Samples of essential oils, if wanted.

-      A gift bag

·      Available via text, phone or skype in times that I am not there.

"Scarlett was amazing, it's incredible to think that one person can transform your home into a spa, there was an air of serenity for both my baby and I. It was the first day since I could remember, that I felt relaxed and was able to indulge in some much needed me time, without having to worry about anything. She instantly connected with my baby and gave me helpful guidance throughout the day which made me feel more confident as a new time mother."
Delaine Surani Pandit

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