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I am a New Zealand educated midwife, now practicing as a doula here in the UK. I have been involved in women’s physical, mental and emotional health for over 20 years.

What a pleasure to be doing this amazing work. I am passionate about assisting women who want to feel confident in their decision making for themselves and their children..

I first heard of doulas back in the 70’s but they were unknown in New Zealand at that time (they still are – mostly) Upon coming back to the UK, I found that doulas had become very popular with the decline of continuity-of-care within the high density cities. So I made the decision to become a doula here as this fitted perfectly with my philosophy on 'mothering the mother', childbirth and infant care.

I became a mother in the late ‘70’s at the age of 22. Being invited to be the birthing companion to many of my friends coincided with a desire for a career change at the time. I realized I wanted to assist and advocate for women in their choice of childbirth so I became a midwife and a counsellor- listening to women’s birth stories and helping them get through some traumatic experiences. I understand that first-time parents also need lots of support and coaching through the birth and most importantly – what to do now with this beautiful little being that they had created together.

Becoming a grandmother made me realise how the doula role fits perfectly with the Grandmother archetype.

I am a passionate advocate of the bonding between mother and baby (or main caregiver) after birth as I believe it leads to a healthier, more balanced and connected adult in later life. (This is now being researched extensively in the present day).

I have lots of ‘tools’ in my toolbox and lots of experience to draw from… however I cannot ‘tell’ you what to do – but I can suggest many options to help you make your own decisions about what is right for you and your family, thereby enabling you a better opportunity to live a more full and enriched life.

We would like to thank Scarlett for all her support and for making the whole experience very special. She allowed me and my husband to focus on the moment and to embrace the beauty of labour and bringing baby to the world. We loved her positive, holistic approach and soothing voice. Aromatherapy, sound therapy, massage and huge focus on mental support were my favourite. With her extensive knowledge and experience we felt safe and well looked after. We highly recommend Scarlett to anyone looking to go through easier and less stressful labour and first few days of being a new parent.

Maria K.

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