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Baby Grief Recovery


My position is of a primary support role to which I bring my considerable knowledge, experience and skills as appropriate and wanted.

Very sadly sometimes things do go wrong and for some known or unknown reason the baby does not survive or will need special care and love.

  “I’m sorry – its not good news” is the last thing that parents want to hear at this time.  This is a time when a doula for the parents is especially needed.  I provide an anchor for them in a time that is traumatic, guiding them through with compassion and love.


   . antenatal visits, as needed.

   . Listening.

   . Advocate for the mother and family.  Support for as long as needed / wanted in the labour and birth.

After care, after the birth:

    . postnatal visits - as needed.

    . Translating ‘medical speak’ and asking relevant questions.

    . Guide them through procedures and arrangements that they may not be aware of.

   . Grief Recovery Method.

   . Unlimited phone calls and texts


Having experienced many tragic circumstances in my life and done the work around processing them, I am able to ‘hold the space’ for the parents without being overcome by my own grief.

Fees - variable - depending on time needed.

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