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birth package


My position is of a primary support role to which I bring my considerable knowledge, experience and skills as appropriate and wanted.

Shared care is also available with other very reliable and experienced doulas.

Fees range according to the package of your choice.

Antenatal preparation and postnatal care packages with attending the birth - please get in touch as I can make a package to suit your needs.

Birth Packages:

- Sole care with a back-up doula (who you will meet at least once)

Hospital births - £3,500

 Homebirths - £2,700

- Shared Care - This means you get the expertise of 2 great doulas with different 'specialties'.  You will see both of us in your antenatal sessions sometimes together and also for 1:1 sessions. Whoever is available for your birth will attend. In some cases, both of us can attend if that is agreeable. The choice of the other doula is yours -  £3,500


- Doulas I share-care with include  Sue Boughton and Romy Finbow. 

-   A 50% deposit is needed to secure my services. The outstanding balance is to be paid at the beginning of the on-call period or the birth of the baby – whichever comes first.


*Placenta remedies and encapsulation

*Human Design charts

*A spa day with Scarlett 

·      Depending on the time you first hire me, I will have monthly sessions with you up to 37 weeks. Then it becomes weekly.  At least 3 of these sessions are face to face in your home (if you are comfortable with that) and the rest are on zoom. 

·      Collaborate with you on your birth plan and assisting you to be prepared.

·      Discussing the equipment needed for a new baby.

·      On call for you 2 weeks before your due date – until your baby is born. 


-     Essential oils gift pack.

·      Suggestions & exercises for relieving anxiety and stress.

·      The loan of a Tens machine (if available).

·      I come to your home at the beginning of labour when you call me.

·      I am with you for your labour and delivery - depending on your hospital and if they are allowing 2nd birth partners.

·      Massage in labour as needed or wanted.

·      Help you to liaise with the hospital/ home birth team staff as necessary. Translating 'medical speak' as you need.

·      Give you as much information as I can on specific subjects and direct you to different areas of information as wanted.

·      Stay with you post birth until the first feed or you are comfortable for me to leave you to bond as a family.

·      2 postnatal visits, when required, at your home- which includes : debriefing the birth and assistance as needed with feeding, infant care and bathing etc.


·      Discounted rate for further postnatal visits.

·      Be available for consultation via phone, text or skype for the duration of my time with you up until the baby is 6 weeks old.

"Scarlett was confident, very experienced and has lots of knowledge in natural/alternative remedies, which I found very helpful. She was also very respectful of mine and my partner’s wishes and relationship.

During my labour, which was intense with no breaks, Scarlett didn’t leave my side and was intuitive as to what I needed to help with positions and pain. She also helped with the baby’s latch, took wonderful photos and made a placenta smoothie for me. She queried the midwives decision to admit me to hospital, after a normal water birth at home, which made me feel someone was standing up for me."


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